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Fetal Medicine
  Fetal Medicine  
  We offer a detailed examination of the fetus. These are the activities that we perform:  
  • 11 - 14 week scan
  • Down screening
  • Target ultrasound
  • Growth Scan
      11 - 14 week scan  
      This includes  
  • A detailed examination of the fetus
  • Measuring the nuchal translucency.(as per the guidelines of FMF, UK)
  • Detecting major anomalies
      Down screening  
      First trimester screening  
  • First trimester screening is the preferred time to screen for Down syndrome.
    This institution has been instrumental in establishing the MoM's for both second and then first trimester screening in India. In 1994, population Multiples of Median (MoM) values were established and specific median curves plotted for second trimester maternal serum screening for standardisation for an indian population. Subsequently, first trimester screening with NT and biochemistry were introduced in 2006 for the first time in India. Since then they have built up a training program for first trimester screening and helped to establish the screening program in different parts of the country.
    MediScan works closely with the Down syndrome society of India. They have, in association with National Rural Health Mission, made it possible to make this screening test available free of cost to the lower socioeconomic strata as well.
      Second trimester screening  
      The second window of opportunity to screen for Down syndrome is between 16 - 20 weeks when the triple marker test is done.  
      Target ultrasound  
    A detailed ultrasound examination of the baby is essentially done to ensure and give the reassurance that the baby is normal. In about 2 % of the general population and in some women with medical problems or a family history of genetic diseases there is a possibility of an abnormality in the baby. An ultrasound exam done by a person who is experienced in obstetric ultrasound can pick up a large number of such anomalies.
    Over the years MediScan has come to stay as the referral centre for fetal abnormalities. Many (can give percentage) of the scans done here are second opinions or referrals to confirm anomalies.
      Ultrasound at 20 weeks of gestation is done following the guideline "Rule of 3".
    - Which include lethal anomalies (incompatible at birth), correctable anomalies
    - Which can be treated after birth - Eg. hydronephrosis
    - Which can be treated inutero - Eg. Vesico amniotic shunt, blood transfusion for the fetus in Rh -ve mother
      Growth scan  
      In most uncomplicated pregnacies, a single growth scan is often done around 32 weeks to assess size of the fetus and its well being. In some conditions serial scans may be done to assess if the baby is growing well. Here a Doppler is often done to assess the bood flow to the baby.  
      These include:
  • Fetal growth restriction
  • Maternal problems such as diabetes / Hypertension
  • Twins