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Prenatal diagnosis & Fetal therapy
  Prenatal diagnosis & Fetal therapy  
  Prenatal diagnosis & Interventions  
Over the last decade, over 4000 diagnostic and therapeutic procedures have been performed successfully.. Over the years this institution has become a tertiary referral centre not just from all over the country but from the South Asian region both for antenatal diagnosis and fetal therapy. Over 12,000 fetal procedures have been done and many of them are done free of cost.
  For several indications the following procedures are offered:
  • Chorion villus sampling (CVS) - around 12 weeks - links to leaflets
  • Fetal blood sampling (FBS)
  • Amniocentesis
      Prenatal therapy  
      The first intrauterine transfusion for Rh isoimmunisation was done in 1991 at MediScan systems. Since then about 283 transfusions have been done. The procudures performed include:  
      Intrauterine fetal transfusion
    Shunt procedures
    Coil embolisation
    Management of TTTS
    Mutlifetal reduction
      State of the art equipments  
  • High end machines facilitating improved diagnosis
  • 3D, 4D imaging
  • STIC
      Powered by SONOCARE, reporting software specifically designed to meet the changing needs of ultrasound reporting and image capture and retrieval.