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  MediScan - About us  
MediScan Systems was established on 15 August 1982 by Prof S Suresh and Dr Indrani Suresh when ultrasound was still an emerging specialty in India. It was established with the core objectives of
  • Providing high quality scan services
  • Ensuring accurate diagnosis and provide standardized reports
  • Providing these services to the poor, needy and underprivileged
Since then, MediScan has grown to provide varied services including diagnostic and interventional ultrasound and foetal medicine services. Over the years this institution has become a tertiary referral centre not just from all over the country but from the South Asian region both for antenatal diagnosis and foetal therapy.

  Statistics - Ultrasound department  
  Statistics - Ultrasound department  
  Care begins in the womb  
No feeling can ever match the joy and pride a woman experiences as a mother. The pleasure of motherhood is what most women yearn for. And having a healthy baby is every mother's desire. But then not all mothers are so fortunate. While many of us can at best empathies with the anxious mother whose fetus is detected with an abnormality, Dr.Suresh and Dr.Indrani Suresh took the onus on themselves to provide highly specialized care in the field of fetal medicine. Thus was founded the Fetal Care Research foundation in 1993. Being a non-profit organization the endeavor has been solely to ensure that no mother to be would ever undergo a miscarriage due to birth defects. FCRF was to give answers where none existed earlier by involving itself in extensive research in fetal malformations, prenatal diagnosis and fetal therapy.
  Ultrasound department - frequency of classes Jan '98 - Dec '11  
We perform
General abdomen, Small parts, Peripheral vascular studies (arterial & venous) Carotid and transcranial doppler, Obstetric and gynaecological scans 3D Ultrasound Interventional procedures (biopsies, aspirations drainage of fluid collections) Transvaginal interventional procedures Prenatal Diagnostic and Therapeutic procedures Inpatient facilities are available for outstation patients and for observing patients after invasive procedures.
Our lists of FIRST in Tamil Nadu
  First diagnostic ultrasound centre
First ultrasound guided interventional procedure
First prenatal diagnostic procedure
First intrauterine transfusion for Rh disease
First training centre in ultrasound
  MediScan is registered under prenatal diagnostic techniques (Regulation & prevention of misuse) Act 1994.
Certificate issued by Government of Tamil Nadu Reg. No: PNA/364/99 DT. 15.09.1999
  Fetal Echocardiography  
  Twins Unit