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Training of Medical Officers in Basic Obstetric Ultrasound
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  Organization: Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited                    Date: 08th Feb 2014  

Venue: Government General Hospital, Neyveli                              Time: 2 pm to 5 pm

No. of participants 43 (30+13)
Specialities Obstetrics, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Radiology, Anasthesiology and General Medicine
Co-ordinators Dr. Rajani M. CMO, (Radiologist) & Dr.Anjugam A., SMO, Radiologist
Chief Guest

Dr. K. Janardhanan, (CGS, Chief General Superintendent)

Faculty Dr. Indrani Suresh, Dr. Sujatha M Jagadeesh, Dr. Sudha Rathnaprabhu, Dr. Sathyalakshmi B. and Dr. Sudharsan S.
Training Co-ordinator

Ms. G.Varalakshmi

1.  Objective

To emphasize the significance of First trimester screening and scan, Index case workup, New Born Screening and importance of Perinatal autopsy

2.  Courses / Subjects covered
  1. First Trimester Screening
    Dr.Sathayalakshmi B., Fellow in Fetal Medicine,  Mediscan Systems  
  2. First trimester scan
    Dr.Indrani Suresh,  Director, Mediscan Systems
  3. Index Case workup
    Dr.Sujatha M Jagadeesh, Consultant Dysmorphologist and HOD – Clinical Genetics Department
  4. New Born Screening
    Dr.Sudha Rathnaprabhu, Consultant Paediatrician ,Mediscan Systems
  5. Importance of Perinatal autopsy
    Dr.Sudharsan Suresh, Fellow in Fetal Medicine, Mediscan Systems
3.  Major Achievements

The participants were enlightened on the importance of First Trimester Screening. The protocol for first trimester scan was discussed with emphasis on the aneuploidy markers.
Index case workup dealt with Pedigree analysis of inherited diseases with the help of various case based scenarios.
Importance of New born screening was stressed upon to help in the early detection and treatment of five potentially life threatening conditions like congenital hypothyroidism, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, G6PD deficiency, Cystic fibrosis and galactosemia.
Perinatal autopsy aids in making the correct diagnosis of anomalies / causes of perinatal death, this was emphasized to the participants.  Perinatal autopsy as an adjunct and audit to Antenatal ultrasound was also discussed.


The participants were actively involved in the programme coming up with many questions. Enthusiasm was also noticed in future implementation of first trimester and new born screening, 
Knowledge of the First trimester screening and its interpretation helps in early detection of fetal anomalies and risk evaluation of aneuploidy markers.
Genetics and its applications like index case workup contribute to the accurate identification of inherited disorders and the application of invasive procedures among these patients.
Implementation of New Born Screening helps in reducing the disability of the children, who are likely to be prone to these metabolic disorders.
Perinatal autopsy can be utilized in providing conclusive information about the causes of fetal demise and this goes hand in hand with Genetics for the accurate detection of various Syndromes.

5. Photgraphs