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33rd Anniversary celebrations @ MediScan
Date: 15th August Venue: MediScan, Mylapore, Chennai
Mediscan's 33rd Anniversary dawned with the flag hoisting near the main gate. Dr. Uma Ram hoisted the flag and Dr. Suresh felicitated her on behalf of Mediscan. Mr. Sarathy was there with his precision helped with the arrangements. Sweets were distributed and reminiscences of the past Anniversaries were discussed. Staff assembled saluted the flag and paid tribute on the nation's 69th Independence Day anniversary.
Date: 15th August Venue: Tag Centre, T.T.K. Road, Chennai
Around 3 P.M., Mediscan family gathered to listen to the melodious strain of veena played by Ms. Aarthy Parthasarathy, our Director's niece. It was her Arangetram and an impressive one. The music was enthralling and her choice of compositions and the Ragas was indeed a treat to listen. Followed by the musical exposition, there was a round of Felicitations to her Gurus. The Gurus in turn praised the sishya and her parents who supported her. The recital on that day looked as Irish poet William Butler Yeats (1856-1939), a 1923 Nobel Laureate in Literature, has aptly described Indian music "not an art but life itself."
After the wonderful exposition and music, Mediscan celebrated its anniversary with a bang.
Dr. V. Nagalakshmi, welcomed the gathering. Dr. Vidhya sang the felicitation song for the Mediscan events. Dr. Joni spoke about how the fragrance of Mediscan is spread and what shines bright is the honesty, hardwork and sincerity that marks the dedicated team in this pioneering institution. Dr. Priyamvada and Dr. Suresh walked down the memory lane by narrating the journey of 33 years replete with many life defining moments. The sail boat of ultrasound started from Chennai. The journey started on a sail boat of ultrasound became a ship and finally a Royal cruiser travelled across the oceans, exploring and conquering islands. Our director and Dr. Priyamvada travelled across timelines and oceans in the Ship of Mediscan to reach the 33rd destination. The travel and the passenger who joined in the journey felt honored that they were part of this great journey. The 'Mile surmera… tumhara…' dance-song recital was a multi-lingual and multicultural unity that went on to show that Mediscan also has “unity in Diversity” like this great country of ours. No wonder Mediscan and this great Motherland share the same important D-Day.
The songs by Singer Shriram was a musical extravaganza taking us back to the nostalgic 70s and 80s and the event also gave an opportunity for many of the dancing talents to fall into a dance by swaying to the tunes. On the way it has trained 6000 physicians all belonging to the Fetal Medicine. Mediscan docked at the Shores of Samraksha, a NICU at EVK with Dr. Uma Ram's stewardship. . A committed crew of 150 is helping on the journey towards greater deeds and the Mediscan Family is sure to win. Mediscan on this 33rd anniversary rededicates itself to the cause of society and the care of the unborn.
The Mediscan Express was announced by Dr. Sudha Rathna Prabhu, the Chief Editor, was flagged off by Dr. Suresh and welcomed by Dr. Indrani Suresh. Medialogic Team helped in design and development.
There was an official cake cutting ceremony to mark the Mediscan's anniversary with all the department heads being present.
While the Mediscan Day was a memorable in itself, we cannot fail to appreciate the gastronomic delight provided to us in the form of lunch and dinner. A great day and a memorable event too!!!