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Fetal Cardiology
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  Fetal and Pediatric Cardiology - FAQs  

Can you see everything in the baby's heart?


All major heart problems (except the evolving / small defects) can be seen. At times certain defects can be missed if the sound wave penetration or the baby's position is unfavorable. But these defects are usually not complex ones and can be detected and treated after birth.


What do I do if my baby has a heart defect?


You can consult a pediatric cardiac specialist and get information about the defect, its nature, outcome and available treatment options.

3 Can a heart defect correct by itself before delivery?

Structural heart defects dont correct spontaneosly before birth. Few function abnormalities due to other reasons may improve. Certain small holes may close after birth by themselves.


What are the treatments available ?


a. Before birth: (in our center)

  • Medicines for heart rhythm problems
  • Balloon procedures for critical valve narrowing
  • b. After birth: (will be referred to a tertiary cardiac center)

    Depending on the type of problem the following can be done:

  • Balloon dilatation of valve
  • Closure of holes by Devices
  • Stenting of blood vessels
  • Closed and open heart surgeries
  • Supportive medical treatment in non-surgical diseases

    Does repeat scans harm my baby or my pregnancy?


    No. No harm proven so far.


    Can we prevent it in the next pregnancy?


    As of now not possible. The chances of the next child getting the same disease can be tested by available genetic, chromosomal tests or by consulting our Genetic specialist. Testing can be done by drawing the fluid surrounding the baby  and sending for analysis (amniocentesis).


    What if I do not want to continue pregnancy?


    You need to discuss with your treating Obstertrician with our reports regarding the legal and medical implications of this action.


    What should I do for future pregnancies if my current baby has a defect?

      Attend pre-pregnancy counselling in the counselling department. Our geneticist can guide to accordingly. Get early first trimester scanning done ( 11-13 weeks) and Fetal echo done at 14-16 weeks of pregnancy.