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Fetal Cardiology
Our Team
  Fetal and Pediatric Cardiology - The team  
Prof Suresh Seshadri
Director, Fetal Intervention Unit
A Patron in the field of Ultrasound. Well known for his ultrasound related diagnosis and therapy, with special emphasis in fetal therapy.
Dr. Indrani Suresh
Director, Fetal Medicine Unit
A Paediatrician by training & Sonologist by choice. Interests generally in the area of Fetal Medicine and special interests in Fetal Echo.
Dr. Sujatha Jagadeesh
HOD, Dept. of Clinical Genetics
The presence of a dysmorphologist and clinical geneticists of the calibre of Dr. Sujatha strengthens the fetal cardiac team by providing the support towards diagnosis of complex and rare conditions of which cardiac anomalies are sometimes a part.
Dr Shanthi C
Senior Consultant, Fetal and Pediatric Cardiology
Thirteen years experience in treatingĀ children with heart diseases. Special interest in Fetal cardiac imaging, congenital heart defects in adults, cardiac morphology and research.
  Our mission  
  To offer Preventive, Curative and Supportive care to families with or at risk of having a fetus with cardiac anomaly.  
  • We coordinate with the obstetrician, neonatologists and paediatric cardiologist to ensure comprehensive and directed care for babies with correctable cardiac problems.