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Genetic Counseling
Bartsocas-Papas Syndrome
Neu laxova
Robert's Syndrome
Meckel Gruber Syndrome
Golden har
Lethal Pterygium syndrome
Turner's Syndrome
Morquio Syndrome
Ellis-van Creveld syndrome
Femoral hypoplasia
  Robert's Syndrome  
Age range
Pseudo Thalidomide Syndrome
Cleftip Palate Tetraphocomelia
Tetramelic, symmetrical limb reduction, radial defects, Oligodactyly or Syndactyly, charecteristic Facies Wit Hypertelorism, cleft lip or and cleft palate, prominent Premaxilla, simple low set ears. Other features include pre and postnatal growth retardation, corneal clouding, delayed permanent tooth eruption, variable brain formations, renal and heart defects, Hypogonadism, early death in severely affected patients. Survivors reported with mental retardation of all degrees, but normal intellect also reported.