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General & Interventional USG
About Us
  General & Interventional Ultrasound  
Over the years MediScan has developed unique skills in the field of interventional ultrasound. A large number of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions like liver biopsies, drainage of abscesses, renal biopsies and nephrostomies have been performed. Facilities have now been added where these procedures can be performed safely. Besides in many hospitals in the city, the expertise of team from MediScan is called for such interventional procedures when they need to be performed in those hospitals. Over the years, Intraoperative ultrasound for neurosonography and liver and biliary surgery has immensely helped the surgeon in difficult cases. This is a special niche service that is provided by this institution.
  The technical team  
General Ultrasound Interventional Ultrasound
Dr. Nagalakshmi V
Dr. Nithyakalyani G
Dr. Latha Parameswaran
Dr. Dharanidharan D.G
Dr. Anitha L
Prof. S.Suresh (General & Fetal)
Dr. Indrani Suresh (Fetal)
Dr. Sudarshan Suresh (Fetal)
Dr. Jyoti Singh (Fetal)