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  Epidemiology - Introduction  
The department of epidemiology was established at MediScan Systems in May 2000. It has an epidemiologist who designs and executes clinical epidemiological studies with the help from other departmental staffs of MediScan Systems. It also has a Statistician who does statistical analysis for the other departmental staffs and thesis of the P.G.Students of MediScan and other Institutions. Applying epidemiologic methods (Screening, Nomograms) in various departments of clinical medicine such as ultrasonography, genetic counseling, & perinatal pathology etc. and to help them to practice evidence based medicine From its inception the department has achieved many things. Of them the important ones are listed below:
  • Established birth defects registries (BDR) in Chennai and other 17 regions across India with cooperation from the directors and clinical dysmorphology department of MediScan Systems.
  • Developed fetal growth reference ranges for our own population as per the international standards for the first time in India.
  • Helped many postgraduates in obstetrics, pediatric & radiology fields in their thesis work.
  • Analyzed innumerable clinical data in the field of ultrasound and all were presented in in-house clinical meetings.
      Besides that the department has lent its hand in many important endeavors of the institution such as streamlining the institutional library and PubMed search, to name a few.  
      Functions of the department  
  • Maintaining BDRs (Birth Defect Rates) and analyzing the Birth Defects in the regional registries.
  • Evaluating the data quality of the first trimester screening programme and developing own population MoMs.
  • Developing fetal growth and Doppler reference ranges.
  • Design and execution of clinical epidemiological studies.
  • Conduct teaching programmes in epidemiology and teaching trainee doctors in ultrasound on the use of statistics in clinical decision making.
  • Design, execute and analyze research studies and publish them in scientific journals.
      The technical team  
      Epidemiologist (Vacant)