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  Mediscan Systems Diagnostic Ultrasound Research & Training Centre  
Mediscan Systems Diagnostic Ultrasound Research and Training Centre was established in Chennai in 1982 to provide high quality diagnostic ultrasound services and training in ultrasound for medical professionals. Over the years, more than 2600 doctors from India and neighbouring countries have been trained in various aspects of ultrasound. The training programmes conducted at Mediscan has been acknowledged as the best in Asia. To mention a few like diagnostic and interventional ultrasound, Dept of Fetal Medicine, Perinatal Pathology, Dept of Dysmorphology and Genetic Counseling.

Scan services include Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Prenatal diagnosis, Fetal Therapy, Pediatric and Neonatal, Echo Cardiography of Fetal, Pediatric and USG guided interventional procedures.

Dept of Fetal Medicine is one of the largest referral centres in India and for the neighbouring countries. Recently this centre is recognisd as a training centre by Fetal Medicine Foundation UK. Overseas activities include workshops for overseas doctors conducted in Dubai, Muscat, Phillippines and Malaysia.